Smallville, Ghost Rider, Superman: The Comic Reel Wrap for February 24th


Devoted to Smallville has the trailer (Windows Media only) for next week's episode, "Lucy," featuring Lois Lane's little sister. Kryptonsite has high resolution screen captures of the same. DTS comes back with some fresh spoilers about the post-prom episode "Blank," and Kryptonsite points out that the Smallville Ledger and Smallville Torch sites are back online with a fun "inside" look at the show's workings.


Empire Online talked to actress Eva Mendes about being hot for Johnny Blaze. "We're working on the script right now, just fine-tuning it a bit," she said. "A new writer just came on board. We're exchanging ideas and all that. But the concept art is amazing. When I saw that, I was like 'ohmigod, that is so cool!' It made me feel like a little kid."

There were set photos (of the bike in particular) up at this Geocities site, but either the bandwidth was too much or the site got bonked by the film's lawyer ninjas.

Superhero Hype also has a set report, checking out Blackheart's trailer and wondering why there's horses in the cemetery.


There's tons of around the web, including this page at Superman-V.com confirming Stephen Michael Bender as the 15-year-old Clark Kent, and Moviehole has a rumor that there's a new casting director on the film.


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