Smallville, Ghost Rider, Hellboy 2: September 14TH Comic Reel Wrap


Ah, that smell in the air ... it must be time for the fall season! The WB hit series is really raising its visibility in anticipation of the season premiere. The usual suspects, warring websites Devoted to Smallville and Kryptonsite have a plethora of new data. To start off, interview-happy Al Gough talked to Sound Vision magazine, and DTS scanned it to save you some cash. SFX magazine did a big wrap up on the new season, and DTS also scanned the lot of that too. Of course, when Jeph Loeb talked to Cult Times, well, you know that DTS scanned that too. The fansite also is on hand with screen captures from the "WB Insider" special that aired recently (and Comics Continuum has quotes from the show).

Of course, their archrivals aren't likely to take that lying down. So, Kryptonsite fires back with a landmark photo of Margot Kidder and Annete O'Toole on the set of "Smallville," and fresh images from the season premiere, with Lois and Clark. FInally, they have an interview with Paul Simpson, author of the book "Smallville: The Official Companion." The season premiere, "Crusade," is just eight days away.


According to Moviehole, Australian politician Steve Bracks dropped a tidbit in a press conference "that the highly anticipated "Ghost Rider" will begin shooting at the Central City Studios next January, and will be the most expensive production yet filmed in Victoria." Shooting is allegedly set to begin in January with a summer 2006 release.


Superman-V.com has an update on the beleaguered production, talking about the latest script draft ("It is close to 140 pages long. The story, as we understand it, goes way back to the roots of the Man of Steel -- including his birth planet, Krypton. Two villains are in the movie; Lex Luthor and another, whose identity is unknown at this point. We understand that both are formidable opponents. A great fan favourite, the one and only John Corben, will feature in the movie, but that doesn't mean his bad-ass alter-ego Metallo will. More familar names from the comic books also make appearances. We have no definite word yet on who these are. The writers -- Bryan Singer, Dan Harris and Michael Dougherty - are said to be happy with the first draft. From all reports, fans will be delighted with the story! DC Comics' Paul Levitz has already been sent a copy. The greenlight on the script is expected in the next month") and Jim Caviezel as Superman rumors ("According to his reps at ICM: 'Mr. Caviezel will NOT be testing for the role of Superman. As far as we know Bryan Singer is planning on casting an unknown in the role'") and scores of notes on relatively unknown actors who've given the cape a whirl.


Ain't It Cool News has a script review of the Tim Story-helmed Marvel adaptation, which of course contains spoilers. "This is a more intimate origin story than, say, X-MEN. Juggling multiple characters with personalities this strong can be tricky, especially when you're also trying to build a world-threatening scenario to challenge them. The solution they've come up with here is to tie in the film's primary threat to the origin of the FF, and the way they've done it might work for mainstream audiences even as it makes the most ardent purist fanboys absolutely bugsh*t."


Creator Mike Mignola will be appearing at SPX 2004, so any fans around the Maryland area can bug him for details about the new movie, and then email the Comic Reel and tell us all about it.


William Hodge wrote in to point us towards a working link for the Sin City footage shown at SDCC, over at The Movie Box, so now their servers can take the pounding.


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