Smallville, Fantastic Four, Justice League: The Comic Reel Wrap for September 1


Rumors of her demise may have been slightly exaggerated, if the web is to be believed. That's right, because you demanded it, the Chloe Chronicles are back, with a special adventure starring actress Alison Mack.

Meanwhile, the team at Kryptonsite continue hobbling their competition by freshening up their spoilers page with a tidbit about one of the show's new characters.


Speaking of the Man of Tomorrow, Ain't It Cool News in the person of site founder Harry Knowles goes almost as far as saying Mark Millar is full of hooey, regarding the rumor we noted yesterday. "Jim Caviezel is not going to be Superman. In fact right now, he isn't even being considered, though his representation is pushing him. Where is the search for the last son of Krypton? It's still a wide search. I'm very curious who is feeding Mark Millar this off-kilter information ... as my sources are dead on. Hmmm ... The film is currently at the stage of preliminary location scouting all over the place, word has it Bryan has only just returned from checking out Australia. Word has it, that Bryan is beginning to form ideas regarding who would do for Superman, but he has been staying mum on the project ... only ... they've never played Jesus or have they been a TV Superman. So that's the gosh-darned truth of the matter."


More from actor Chris Evans? Well, all right -- IGN's FIlmForce has an extensive interview with him, covering some of the stuff discussed yesterday. Evans also updates on how far into shooting they are: "Just a week. Yeah, so far, we haven't done too much special effects. We did a quick little special effects, one of the scenes where I've already caught on fire once because, the way the script goes, after we have our powers, we don't really understand how to use them. The majority of the script ... It's first acquiring powers and figuring out how to harness them and control them dealing with the public awareness of our powers and a scene when I'm trying to snap my fingers and, all of the sudden I snap and a flame bursts out, I turn it off and on, we did that. So I don't know how it's gonna look, but it's fun to shoot."


Comics Continuum has some news about the hit Cartoon Network series. First of all, actor Tom Everett Scott did his first voice acting work as Booster Gold in the September 11th episode "The Greatest Story Never Told." This Saturday's episode, "Fearful Symmetry," has a story by Stan Berkowitz and a script by Robert Goodman. Finally, they also note that both Batman Beyond and Static Shock will appear in the season finale, "The Once and Future Thing, Pt. 2."


Producer Daniel Alter emailed the Comic Reel to point out an article in Variety (subscription required) that outlines a new deal that brings powerful parties together like Voltron: "Producers Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter are working with Devil's Due founder and owner Josh Blaylock on developing the upcoming super-hero line, entitled AFTERMATH, as a slate of film and TV projects.  They are also in the process of picking an interactive partner to bring the AFTERMATH universe to next generation game consoles. Devil's Due maintains an exclusive, multi-year, first-look deal with Askarieh's Prime Universe Productions and is managed by Alter via his Alter Ego Entertainment. The duo are already adapting the comic book publisher's horror/action title, 'HACK/SLASH,' with producer Chuck Gordon ('DIE HARD,' 'FIELD OF DREAMS') with whom Askarieh is in pre-production on Universal's The Rock/John Woo tent-pole, 'SPY HUNTER,' based on the bestselling video-game."


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