Smallville, Fantastic Four 2, We3, The Creeper: October 18th Comic Reel Wrap


If you like your spoilers, what would you think of an early review of Thursday's episode, "Arrow," featuring the television debut of the emerald archer in all his glory? That do anything for you, holmes?


Jonesing for an update? Director Tim Story finally updated his MySpace blog with some data about the production. "Shooting has been going well. We are all over the place...lots of locations. Don't want to give away too much but our Fan 4 travel quite a bit through this one. I know you all must have had a good time checking out the wedding photos. Whadayagonnado? We were kinda exposed. But there are still some surprises coming in that one. I'm having a ball with Ben Grimm in clothes though. Michael is too. The last film we couldn't really go there but now he's very comfortable with himself. Ben that is, not Michael. Starting to see a lot of stuff from WETA on Surfer. Bad ass Ladies and Gentlemen. Trust me -- digital is the way to go with this. You can't do this stuff for real."


We got an email from a source calling itself "The Informer" (see, we won't even give you the gender) who wrote, "A friend of mine works with a writer that Don Murphy has employed in the past, and says she will be doing a re-write of 'WE3,' a comic book property which she described as 'Terminator' meets 'Lassie' -- which sounds pretty hilarious to me! Apparently Don is also trying to develop a comic book character called 'The Creeper,' with the guy who directed the Cirque du Soleil Beatles' show as the director. It's a 'Rocky Horror Show' meets 'West Side Story' type of musical, with amazing dance/fight routines ..." Fancy!


Speaking of sequels, director Guillermo del Toro gave an update to IGN FilmForce. "We are in preproduction," del Toro said. "Both with Hellboy 1 and Hellboy 2, they happened right at the moment when we said, 'They're not happening. It looks like we better move on.' And at that moment something happened that made them go ahead. We have Francisco Ruiz Velasco, Wayne Barlowe, TyRuben Ellingson, [and] Mike Mignola designing creatures right now, and we have the movie being budgeted in London and in Budapest. We hope to start shooting next year."

How about more? "I've talked to [Hellboy creator Mike] Mignola about the third one. He seemed to like [my idea], and that is that the way the love story would pay off in the third movie would be completely unexpected," del Toro said. "I knew what I wanted to do on the first one, but I had no idea if we ever would get to do a second one. And now that we are I really am laying down the breadcrumbs that will lead you to a very, very Ñ hopefully Ñ powerful denouement of that loving couple. The second one is self-contained and if we never get to do the third one there's only one element that people will have hanging where they will go, 'Oh Jesus, I wish they had done a third one.' But if not, it's fine. "If anyone listening has $80 million, we can assure you we can do a third one."


CanMag has new video (in multiple formats) showing some of the creatures from the Frank Miller adaptation, plus a close up image of The Hunchback. Gruesome!


Don't call it a comeback -- ICv2 is reporting that the Stan Lee reality show has gotten the green light for a second season.


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