Smallville, Elektra, The Spirit, Batman Begins: August 23rd Comic Reel Wrap


The ongoing clash of fan sites continues, as Devoted to Smallville fires the first salvo with two full length trailers shown on the WB's "Charmed" for the new season, with screen caps to boot. Of course, your people at Kryptonsite wouldn't take something like that, so they fired back with fresh spoilers for the fourth episode of the season, "Facade."


The Movie Box has an early peek at the trailer for the Jennifer Garner-fueled action film.


The deluge of news from Chicago is winding down to become a steady trickle now, as filming finished this weekend. Superhero Hype chips in two sets of photos (one, two) of all brands of props and set pieces made to enhance the Gotham City experience. They also have what could be one of the last set reports. One fan wrote in, "we managed to get to where they keep the new Batmobiles. A stunt man told us all the info about them so here it is: They built 9 of them from scratch but only 7 remain, they have Chevy 350's that have to be making a lot of horsepower, they have taken them over 100 mph and the one that I got to climb on and look into jumped 60 feet twice yesterday (I think he meant horizontally not vertically)."


Superhero Hype also has the official press release announcing the WIll Eisner adaptation. "Odd Lot Entertainment has acquired the rights to produce a feature film based on seminal superhero comic book, Will Eisner's THE SPIRIT, in partnership with Batfilm Productions ... Will Eisner, currently living in Florida, says, 'I'm pleased to see that a film adaptation of THE SPIRIT will be produced by so experienced a creative team as Michael, Deborah and Gigi. This is an important event in the history of the comic book character, with which I have been closely identified.' The intention for the adaptation is to create a handsomely crafted, stylized, character-driven tale. Additionally, it is a perfect match for the visual medium of film as Eisner's drawings were groundbreaking in incorporating cinematic camera angles and atmospheric lighting effects."


Comics Continuum is all over the new animated series, which is slated to debut on the Kids WB Saturday, September 11. They start off with a breakdown of ten characters on the cartoon, and also have a number of images from the show itself.


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