Smallville, Elektra, Teen Titans: July 9th Comic Reel Wrap


Kryptonsite has spoilers on the season premiere and a look at the dashing new cast member who's coming to town, via confirmation in the Hollywood Reporter.


Actor Jason Isaacs let some spoilers slip when he talked to About.com ... uh, about his role in the Jennifer Garner-fueled action spinoff. "I don't know how the news gets out," he said. "I'm at the beginning of it. I'm Elektra's last job before the story kicks off. If it was a Bond movie, I'd be the guy that Bond deals with before the title's done." Meanwhile, Kristin Prout talked to the North Shore News about playing "Abby Miller." Their article said, "Although she can't say much about her latest film because she is 'under a strict contract,' Prout does say the film is dark, but there is some humour. Prout's young character 'kind of brings a lightness to the movie.' Abby is a 'very normal' girl with a unique ability to kick butt if the situation demands it. To prepare for the role of a ninja, Prout began martial arts training a few weeks before filming began. The fight scenes don't scare the young, blond actress who wears a reddish wig for the role. In fact Prout says they make her 'push harder.'"


The Sun has posted a new international trailer for the upcoming Paul Anderson-helmed action flick.


Comics Continuum has times and synopses for upcoming episodes of the hit animated series.


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