Smallville, Elektra, Green Lantern, Painkiller Jane: December 30th Comic Reel Wrap


Sci Fi Pulse has excerpts from an interview Erica Durance did regarding her work on the hit WB series. "I would be interested in coming back, of course," said Durance. "That would be wonderful, to be able to be on this show for another season. I think they're working on that right now and deciding how much of next season Lois might be back and where they could take the character. I know they'd love to bring her back, but there's the film coming up and there are all sorts of things in the upper echelons that I don't know reasons for, but I'll probably know what's happening for in next couple of months."


MTV has posted footage from their special on the Jennifer Garner vehicle, which includes an interview as well.


According to Hollywood North Report, "Script development continues at Warner Bros on a big screen 'GREEN LANTERN,' based on the DC Comics superhero. Supervisors on the project are Tony Ludwig and Alan Riche."


Comics Continuum reports that "production on the 'Painkiller Jane' television movie will begin on Jan. 19, The Continuum has learned."


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