Smallville, Elektra, Green Hornet, Shazam: October 7th Comic Reel Wrap


Spoilers ahoy as Kryptonsite has the official network description for the upcoming episode, "Aqua." They also have screen captures of the trailer for next week's episode, "Hidden" (you can see the trailer at KryptonKnight).

Speaking of KryptonKnight, through some form of circumventing copyright law, they have the entire episode from Wednesday ("Mortal") via QuickTime stream.

The National Ledger has a spoilerish anecdote about what happened when James Marsters and a pair of $2,000 shoes met an icy set.


Now Playing magazine talked to director Rob Bowman about the upcoming director's cut release of the Jennifer garner-fueled action film. "The reason a director's cut is important is that you get one artist's point of view of a movie, and what I think is good is not always going to be what everyone else thinks is good," Bowman said. "My intention was to tell the most interesting Elektra story that I could and with the finite resources I had. I think that's the great thing about any director's cut... you don't have to go to the studio and hope they like it. It's just one person. That is a very fun thing to do. It was also good to be able to work at my own pace – I was able to cut something, go away for the evening or the weekend, come back on Monday, review it, and decide I liked that, whereas cutting shots on [the theatrical version] it was so short and so fast that we basically just sort of put it together and then shipped it. There was no time for chewing over things, cogitating, letting them soak in. Hopefully [the director's cut] will be a bit more compelling and intriguing."



According to Moviehole, there's trouble for both properties. "Both those have stalled for the movie. They're little more than prospective toilet paper for their respective studios at the moment."


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