"Smallville" Debuts Booster Gold And Blue Beetle

First it was the Legion of Super-Heroes. Then it was the Justice Society. And now, DC Comics Chief Creative Officer and superstar comics writer Geoff Johns is using his annual shot at scripting an episode of The CW's "Smallville" to introduce Booster Gold and Blue Beetle into the show's canon - and TV Guide has debuted the first image of the pair.

"The one thing Booster does prove to Clark is that people want to look up to this guy," Johns told the magazine of the debut of the character being played by actor Eric Martsolf in April 22's "Booster." "They want to be inspired, and no one's doing it for them."

How teenage Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes fits into the picture is still under wraps, however Johns explained the for Booster's part, the hero will be in line with the way the scribe wrote him in his own ongoing series as well as "52." "This guy always shows up at the last second to make a dramatic rescue, which is really suspect...Sometimes you laugh with Booster, sometimes you laugh at him."

For more on the April 22 episode, check out TV Guide, and stay tuned to CBR News and Spinoff Online for more on "Smallville's" final season.

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