Smallville, Deadpool, Couriers: September 11th Comic Reel


Kryptonsite has a bevy of new photos, including shots from the September 5th episode "Plastique," the September 18th episode "Odyssey" and the October 2nd episode "Toxic."


You read it right. An article in Variety spilled the beans on that and much more. "On the agenda, Fox will mull the possibility of more 'X-Men' spinoffs, including a young-X-Men project as well as 'Deadpool,' based on a character played by Ryan Reynolds in 'Wolverine.' The studio is even considering reviving the 'Daredevil' property."


We got an email from Brian Wood, noting some movement on the adaptation of his work. "The three books, and Couscous Express, were optioned back in 2006 by Intrepid/Rogue. Javier Grillo-Marxuach wrote the (excellent) screenplay. The plan is for filming to commence late spring 2009. No info on director, cast, etc. This is all I have. (and pre-emptively, since this would no doubt be asked in post #1, no concrete plans for new comics right now)"


There are some surprises and spoilers in IGN coverage where actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt ... well, let's let the video speak for itself.


This property was featured in the very first installment of the Comic Reel and now, almost five years later (Mister Giffen?), AWN is reporting that the Emmy-winning series from PorchLight Entertainment, is to have its own full-length feature. "Tutenstein: Clash of the Pharaohs" will air on Discovery Kids in the U.S. in Autumn and will be screened at MIPCOM Junior in October.


TFW2005 has a big spoiler about a robot they say will definitely be in the sequel.


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