Smallville, Constantine, Yu-Gi-Oh, Akira, Punisher: Comics2Film wrap for August 1, 2003


KryptonSite.comreports that Rutger Hauer is slated to appear in several episodes of"Smallville" next season. He'll play a character taken straight fromthe "Superman" comic books: shady media mogul Morgan Edge.

Check outKryptonSite for more details about Hauer's episodes.

Over on his personalwebsite the actor talks about his experiences on the set of"Smallville," where he became a huge fan of Tom Welling.



Is special effects guru Stan Winston really working on the"Constantine" movie, or is he just confused? It's hard to tell basedon a recent interview he did with MovieHole.

While the interview focused on Winston's recent production "WrongTurn" he also commented on the DC Comics-based movie.

"Right now, I'm in the middle of working on a wonderful movie over atColumbia – with Laura Ziskin, who did 'Spider-Man,' called 'Constantine,'based on a comic called 'Hellblazer.' I can't say too much, because of aconfidentially agreement I have with them, but the script is wonderful and we'reworking on some great character designs for it," Winston told Moviehole.

The puzzling things are, as far as we know, "Constantine" is atWarner Bros, not Columbia. Producing the movie is Lauren Shuler-Donner("X2") and not Laura Ziskin.



WarnerBros. is looking to ride the wave of the popular manga/anime "Yu-Gi-Oh,"according to today's Variety

Thestudio is negotiating to acquire worldwide distribution rights to theJapanese-produced feature film.

Fans in the U.S. can expect to see the "Yu-Gi-Oh" movie nextsummer. Warner Bros. will be giving away collectible trading cards with movietickets as a promotional tie-in.



"League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" director Stephen Norrington hashad it with Hollywood and will not be party to the Americanized remake of"Akira." At least that's what he told Wizard Magazine.

"I have dropped out of all my Hollywood development deals because I wantto pursue more creative avenues," Norrington is quoted as saying.

Warner Brothers confirmed Norrington's departure and told the magazine thatthe film was back in development and no new director had been attached.

Thanks to CountingDownfor the scoop.



Cameras began rolling on 'The Punisher' a few days earlier than expectedaccording to BayNews 9 in Tampa Bay, Florida. The production moved into Bay News 9 studiosto film reporters Rick Elmhorst and Carleth Keys acting like, well, reporters.

Principal production on the movie begins next week.

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