Smallville, Catwoman, Batman Begins, Hulk 2: The Comic Reel Wrap for January 27


How the mighty hath fallen -- Oscar-winner Halle Berry is up for another kind of award, according to Sci Fi Wire -- the stunning actress and her feline flick received a leading seven nominations for the Golden Raspberry awards, which identify the worst films of the year. Winners will be announced on February 26th, one day before the Oscar ceremony.


Marvel's vice chairman Peter Cuneo defends the performance of some of Marvel's cinematic outings over at the Motley Fool website. "'The Hulk' did $250 million worldwide box, which is a huge box, and as you may recall, we had tremendous success with our toy line, which was a complete sellout, over $100 million worldwide. Our licensing was also very, very strong, and we had a complete sell-through of all of the consumer products associated with 'Hulk.' So from our point of view, while some people may have been predicting higher box office, we were very thrilled with 'Hulk,' and 'Hulk 2' is currently being worked on. That is the ultimate test for success or failure. If films make money, then there will be sequels. So 'Hulk 2' is being worked on now by Universal. In addition, 'The Punisher' was a relatively small-budget movie. It was an R-rated movie, which always limits the box office. Now regardless of what people thought of the box office on 'Punisher,' we have had very good results with the DVD, and THQ (Nasdaq: THQI) has just released a video game, and it is doing extremely well. So in the end, Marvel will make money from 'The Punisher' franchise, and once again, 'Punisher 2' is being worked on right now by Lions Gate."


One of the great things about toy lines tied in to movies is that they often give you a look at things long before you should see them. Take, for example, this picture of action figures from the upcoming Christopher Nolan-helmed Bat flick, which clearly shows not only the Bat himself, but the good Doctor Jonathan Crane as well, who looks like he had a bad run-in with a Home Depot.


According to TV Shows on DVD, "the second season of the original 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' cartoon series will be released onto DVD on April 26. Thirteen episodes from the second season will be included. No extras have been announced."


The news keeps on pouring in, starting off with a trailer (Windows Media only) and screen captures from upcoming episode "Pariah" over at Devoted to Smallville.

Kryptonsite strikes back with new images from upcoming episode "Krypto" and past episode "Spell."


Ask Ausiello is on the scene with fresh rumors about choosing Themyscria's finest. "Apparently the rather lovely Lauren Graham ['Gilmore Girls'] is a fan-fave to strap on the wonder-bra for Joel Silver's planned 'Wonder Woman' live re-do." Moviehole also adds, "Others said to be frontrunners for the role include former 'Buffy' vixens Charisma Carpenter and Sarah Michelle Gellar, whilst whispers suggest Jennifer Lopez might be petitioning for the lead."


Comics Continuum has screen captures from this Saturday's new episode, "the Once and Future Thing, Pt. 2" and notes voice casting includes Peter Onorati reprising his role of Warhawk, "Mad TV" veteran Phil Lamarr doing double duty as Green Lantern and guest star Static Shock, Will Friedle reprising his role as Batman from 'Batman Beyond,' Michael Rosenbaum as Ghoul, Adam Baldwin as Bonk, Melissa Joan Hart as Dee Dee and Don Harvey as Chucko."


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