<i>Smallville</i> Casts Darkseid's Minions Desaad And Godfrey

After it was finally confirmed last month that Darkseid will be the big villain for Smallville's final season, some wondered whether we'd see any of the minions of the Lord of Apokolips before the series ended. (I even speculated that Granny Goodness was shown in the Comic-Con International teaser.) Well, wonder no more: Desaad and Glorious Godfrey will be introduced in the third episode of the season, which also marks the return of Laura Vandervoort as Kara.

KryptonSite reports that Steve Byers, a 33-year-old actor best known for the Canadian dramas Falcon Beach and Wild Roses, has been cast as Desaad in the episode titled "Supergirl." Debuting in 1971's The Forever People #2, Desaad is a highly intelligent coward and sadist who serves as Darkseid's assistant.

Glorious Godfrey, aka G. Gordon Godfrey, will be played by Michael Daingerfield, a 40-year-old actor who appeared as an assassin in a third-season episode of Smallville. Introduced in The Forever People #3, Godfrey possesses the power of persuasion, and has frequently been depicted in comics and on the Justice League animated series as a televangelist and talk-show host.

There's still no word as to who will play Darkseid, or when the character will be introduced. The 10th season of Smallville debuts on Sept. 24 on The CW.

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