Smallville, Bucky O'Hare, 300, Painkiller Jane: October 19th Comic Reel Wrap


Actress Allison Mack can be heard in this podcast interview talking about the show's future, what guest star she'd like to see come back and even working on "The Batman" with Brandon Routh.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, comic book legend Neal Adams will bring his creation to CGI animated life under a production company called Buzzworthy, working exclusively on his projects. The screenplay was written by Larry Hama, and Adams will direct and produce.


You can find twelve production photos from the Frank Miller adaptation at Yahoo! Movies.

As well, if you check out composer Tyler Bates' website and scroll over the music player in the lower left hand corner, you can check out a test shot from the film. A source wrote us to say that Bates has confirmed the soundtrack featuring his music will be available for sale, despite no sites listing it currently.


A source that asked to remain anonymous wrote in to say, "I'm not sure if this is common knowledge or not, but Kristanna Loken has been cast as Painkiller Jane in the upcoming television series. I just heard that the role had been cast at a [LOCATION DELETED TO PROTECT SOURCE'S IDENTITY]. If this is news, please keep your source under your hat." Thanks, anonymous source!


There's a story at Newsarama that has the co-creator of The Joker possibly working on the film. Jerry Robinson was talking about Bat-movies and said, "I hope the next one ['The Dark Knight'] will be good. I might be acting as a consultant on that. That's being discussed. So if that's true, then I hope it'll be the best one."


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