Smallville, Batman Begins, Wicked Prayer, Justice League: May 31st Comic Reel Wrap


Hollywood North Report has a new interview with actor Tom Welling, which might just have some spoilers about the hit WB series.


Actors Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson talked to News24.com about why they signed on for the production. "Batman was my favourite superhero as a kid, because he didn't have super strength. He was just a guy who trained all the time," Freeman said. Neeson's perspective was a bit different: "As a boy Batman was always a bit scary. I couldn't say why. He wasn't my favourite superhero. Superman was." Freeman added, "I was never asked to play in a big action movie. I remembered Alec Guinness saying that when he performed in 'Star Wars' he made more money he ever earned in his entire life. So I said okay."


According to Cinescape, the Edward Furlong-fueled sequel will premiere on June 3, 2005. The film will screen at the AMC Pacific Place Theatre in Seattle, Washington. There will be a one week engagement there and it is open to general admission audiences. The movie will be released on DVD July 19th.


Comics Continuum notes that the hit Cartoon Network series will feature Earth's Mightiest Mortal as Captain Marvel helps fend off a plot by Lex Luthor.


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