Smallville, Ant Man, Painkiller Jane: February 19th Comic Reel Wrap


There's tons of new information from Clark Kent's childhood home, starting off with a third batch of burning questions from fans including tough love from Jor-El and nods to Superman lore.

The WWE website has some spoilers in an article about the March 22nd episode "Combat." Our pals at Kryptonsite have more spoilers about the April episode called "Nemesis." Finally, there are two new video interviews with neophyte director Michael Rosenbaum.


According to quotes from an article at IGN, director Edgar Wright said, "'Ant Man' is in a bit of a holding pattern. We're figuring things out with the script and we haven't initiated casting. We still have quite a bit to do. I expect I'll have more to say about it in a few months."


Herosite has the official network description for the March 5th episode "Like Any Parasite."


There's a new video interview with actress Kristianna Loken over at SciFi.com.


Director Michael Bay told MTV.com in a video interview that fans shouldn't cover their eyes when they see a trailer, they won't spoil anything.


After four seasons, producer Jeff Matsuda is leaving the animated series, or so he says on his website. "I just wanted to let you guys know that season 4 will be my last on 'The Batman,'" Matsuda wrote. "I'll miss being in on story meetings and the creative process, but as you all have heard, the great Alan Burnett (who is one of the coolest guys ever) will be the new story editor! Michael Jelenic has also moved on, and you'll be hearing about his new project soon! I actually helped storyboard the last JLA sequence for 'The Joining, Part 2,' as my last contribution to the Batman, I hope you guys like it."


We've got photos of the action figures from the animated series, fresh from Toy Fair, right here at CBR.


The saga of Kal-El's death and rebirth is going to be converted into a direct-to-DVD animated feature, and the CBR staff grabbed a photo of the animated interpretations of the characters.


IGN has an interview with actor Ioan Gruffudd, chatting about what to expect from Norrin Radd. "We're certainly keeping to the comic book," Gruffudd said. "Absolutely, yes. So his good side is revealed towards the end of the movie, but not quite entirely. So we are true to the ambiguous nature of the character in that comic book and that's why he's so loved. He's tormented."


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