Tom Welling & Michael Rosenbaum Want a Smallville Animated Revival


Nearly seven years after the finale of Smallville, stars Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum say they'd be up for a return to the fan-favorite series -- but in animated form.

Appearing over the weekend at AwesomeCon in Washington, D.C., the actors were asked about the possibility of a revival for Warner Bros.' upcoming DC-branded streaming service, either as a Season 11 or an animated movie.

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"I mean, animated could be fun," responded Welling, who starred for 10 seasons as Clark Kent.

Rosenbaum, who played Lex Luthor for seven seasons, added that he actually raised the possibility of an animated series to Smallville co-creator Alfred Gough.

"I swear to God, I brought that up to Al, the creator of Smallville, I said, 'We should do an animated Smallville,'" he recalled. "Can you imagine? That'd be huge! Smallville: The Animated Series, with all the real voices, and all the guest stars [...] bring 'em in, it'd just be cool."

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Although an audience member suggested Batman could be introduced in the series, Rosenbaum zeroed in on the absolute best thing about an potential animated revival: He wouldn't have to shave his head to play Luthor. "We gotta do that," he said to Welling, who replied, "All right."

"And we won't have to look at each other," Welling concluded.

Smallville, which centered on Superman as a teenager and a young adult, before he donned the iconic suit and cape, premiered in 2001, and aired for 10 seasons, first on The WB and then on The CW. DC continued the series in 2012 in the digital comic Smallville Season Eleven.

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