"Smallville" and Johns' JSA Shapes Up

From Green Arrow to Impulse, The CW's Superman-inspired drama "Smallville" has staked its reputation with fans over the past nine seasons on bringing a closer view of the full DC Comics Universe to live action than any project before. However, even by the show's standards of fanboy wish fulfillment, February 5's two-hour episode "Absolute Justice" seems to be pushing the envelope of DC name-dropping.

Written by comics superstar Geoff Johns, the feature-length episode introduces the classic characters of the Justice Society of America to Clark Kent's world and will feature Hawkman, Stargirl and Dr. Fate in co-starring roles. But the full extent of the show's JSA cred is still to be revealed, and today on DC's The Source blog, the publisher unveiled and exclusive clip from Johns spotlighting just how many comic nods he was able to work in.

"Look closely in this episode. There's more cameos and easter eggs than Green Lanterns," Johns wrote before a clip that can be seen here.

CBR grabbed a few choice screencaps from the new trailer, which can be seen below.

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