Smallville, A History of Violence, Batman Begins: Comic Reel Wrap for August 2


Powers come, and powers go. Kryptonsite has a quote from the show's supervising producer Jeph Loeb, who said, "The very interesting thing is that because there's so little known about these years, [there's] the idea that Clark may have manifested powers that he does not keep or forgot. There may be things that he can do in the show, that he will not be able to do later on." They also note that a major figure in the series may be making a comeback.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, "William Hurt and Ed Harris ( news ) are in negotiations to join Viggo Mortensen in the cast of 'A History of Violence,' which David Cronenberg is directing. arris will play the bad guy who comes looking for Mortensen, while Hurt will portray Mortensen's long-lost brother."


The Chicago Sun-Times has an article about the filming starting in the Windy City. "Brenda Sexton, executive director of the Illinois Film Office, said it was Lower Wacker that really got the casting agent's attention. The underground throughway, with its twists and dim lighting, is rumored to be the hidden way to the famous bat cave. 'They really fell in love with Lower Wacker," Sexton said. "They liked Lower Wacker so much that they re-wrote the script to give it more time.'"

Superhero Hype also has a set report from a spy who visited the Chicago set. "Action started around 12:30 am with test runs of the Tumbler/Batmobile and two GCPD black and whites on Lower Wacker near Dearborn. A p.a. told my friend and I that a police chase would be the footage they were shooting tonight. This new Batmobile is awesome, very scary and may I dare say--intimidating. There's nothing playful or toy-like about it. And the sound, it will haunt me for a while. It sounded like an entire pack of Harley Davidsons mixed with a swarm of pissed-off killer bees. Anyway, around 4:45 am the police chase commenced with a black SUV serving as a camera truck. Several pedestrian cars followed. They made two thunderous runs and the crew wrapped around 5:30 am. I'm a commercial director who's been on a lot of sets/shoots---this one was the coolest."


Comics Continuum has screen captures from the upcoming Sanaa Lathan-fueled action film.


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