Smallville, 300, Lightspeed, Fantastic Four 2: July 13th Comic Reel Wrap


The professor will be holding court on the Queen Mary? According to his official web site, actor James Marsters will be hosting "James Marsters and Friends," an event which will feature show creators Al Gough, Miles Millar, casting director Dee Dee Bradley and writer Steve DeKnight, plus other notables. Expect some brand of spoilerage to emerge from this event.


The sixth video journal from the production is now online at Moviefone, while Comingsoon.net claims that the MPAA has rated the film R (for graphic battle sequences throughout, some sexuality and nudity).


Stan "The Man" Lee is still at it, with his new live action superhero story debuting on the Sci Fi Channel July 26 @ 9pm ET/PT, according to a press release posted at Superhero Hype. The film is produced by FWE Picture Company, Jeff Franklin ("Stuart Little"), Elie Cohen, directed by Don E. FauntLeRoy, written by Steve Latshaw and John Gray, the cast of stars include Jason Connery, ("Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell," Dominic Senatori on "Smallville," and son of Sean Connery), Daniel Goddard ("Beastmaster"), "Baywatch's" Nicole Eggert, and "The Six Million Dollar Man," Lee Majors.


Writer Don Payne is quoted at Sci Fi Wire confirming some details about Galen and Norrin's Excellent Adventure. "That's the worst-kept secret in town," Payne said. "The Silver Surfer will be in it. The Fantasticar will be in it. We're just trying to make it more exciting and funnier, and, you know, we're trying to top the first one. I think people know the characters now. They know the tone a little bit better. Origin stories are always hard to get off the ground, and we're going to be up and running. I think the one thing I really want to do is make Reed Richards, that character, smarter and tougher. He's the leader. I think Ioan did a great job [in the first film], but I think he could have had more stuff to play as the leader. Reed Richards has his nerdy side, but he ultimately has to make some tough choices."


We got an email from Stephen Gerdling pointing out the new commercial that's been airing on Sci Fi Network, now available for web viewing at Kung Fu Rodeo.


Comingsoon.net also notes that the Nicolas Cage vehicle has been rated PG-13 (for horror violence and disturbing images).


You can check out production stills from the Uma-powered superhero comedy at Dark Horizons.


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