Smallville, 300, Heroes: The Comic Reel Wrap for February 8th


Loquacious producer Al Gough answered questions for TV Guide about the breakdown of Clark and Lex's friendship, hinting at the possibility of Clark meeting a Legionnaire and how they come up with the shows. "[Cocreator] Miles [Millar] and I sit down at the beginning of each season and come up with 'signposts' for the season," Gough said, "in terms of significant events and where we'd like the characters to be after 22 episodes. We then sit with the writers for the first week and vet these ideas. Nothing is set in stone, and a lot of times things change or get moved around, and new (and often better) ideas emerge. We are blessed to have a tremendous writing staff, and together we all build the season. That is the wonderful thing about TV as opposed to writing features: the interaction with so many talented writers and producers. Miles and I feel like we coach the ultimate all-star team!"


CBR's own Emmett Furey has penned a feature about veteran actor George Takei's experiences working on the hit NBC series.


How about a whole lot more photos from ancient Sparta? Who's got you covered on that? We do, right here at CBR.


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