Smallville, 300, Ghost Rider, Spider-Man 3: February 15th Comic Reel Wrap


Actor Michael Rosenbaum answered the call when E! Online's Kristin Veitch said, "I want your Lex," being interviewed by the digital maven about directing tonight's episode, "Freak." "Honestly, it was the biggest challenge of my life," Rosenbaum said. "It was a crash course in filmmaking. IÕm not the most decisive person in the world, but it forces you to be that person. The prop people are coming up to you and asking, Do you want this gun or this gun? Wardrobe wants to know if you want this shirt or that shirt, and then you have actors [needing your guidance]. You have to know what you want. You have to know the story. You actually have to read the script this time!"

Meanwhile, Angel of Vengeance actress Denise Quinones gave an audio interview (36 MB MP3) to Pluggd.com.


CBR took on the upcoming Frank Miller adaptation, and we have features on director Zack Snyder, actor Gerard Butler and the emperor of Persia himself, actor Rodrigo Santoro.


The last brutal push of publicity for the Nicolas Cage vehicle is still grinding on, with video interviews with Cage and co-star Eva Mendes at IGN and Superhero Hype, Mendes interviewed alone by IF Magazine, seven new clips from the film at Comingsoon.net and finally a note at Sci Fi Wire about how the cast loved working with film icon Peter Fonda.


Film Ick has three new still photos from the web-spinning sequel.


Teaser poster? Trailer? Fuhgeddabout it! According to F4 Movies, both have been delayed and will not be seen attached to prints of "300" and "Ghost Rider" as previously expected.


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