Smallville, 30 Days of Night, Iron Man: October 19th Comic Reel Wrap


On the heels of his CBR interview, producer Al Gough answers burning questions from fans over at TV Guide.

Guest star Dean Cain is the subject of an interview at Zap2It, where he said, "I'm evil with a smile ... It was odd having someone else say Clark Kent and someone else being Clark and me not being Clark," he says. "That was a little odd. There was the inevitable, 'OK, everybody freeze. We'll do some super-speeding...' I'm like, 'Wow, that's the first time the super speed is happening, and I'm not doing it.' It was interesting being on the other side of the coin."

Actress Alison Mack is the subject of a video interview at the network's website.

Finally, Kryptonsite has screen captures from the promo for next week's episode, "Action."


Actor Josh Hartnett is quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about his desire to have a beard for his character. "The turmoil of the beard really comes down to, they wanted me clean-shaven at the beginning of the film," Hartnett said. "And it would have been a lot easier had I been able to grow as much as I can grow, which is kind of pathetic, and then add pieces as we moved further along. I mean, it is Alaska. It is cold there. There were just people that just didn't believe that it was a good idea for me to start the movie with a beard. "I actually sent a letter to somebody about different people who were in very successful films that had beards. And I tried to explain how much I wanted [it by] pointing out who had how much and where I would fit in that progression. It didn't work."

Producer Sam Raimi was interviewed by Shock Till You Drop about the Steve Niles adaptation. "I never thought about directing it myself," Raimi said. "I was so busy with 'Spider-Man 2' at the time, I just thought Ghost House is really for other directors to direct their film and for me to help protect them or get the finances and resources they need."


After a long silence, director Jon Favreau is back in an interview in Advanced Iron (excerpted at Screen Rant) getting into the character's motivations. "We give him all of this fabrication gear and CNC machines and also old English wheels so that you get that he and his dad used to work on old hot rods together," Favreau said. "His dad, Howard Stark probably was around from the Howard Hughes era and was probably at the forefront of aircraft design and designing stuff for World War II. And so that whole generation was also the hot rod generation who were breaking the land speed records out in Bonneville, on the Salt Flats and the dry lakes. We shot at Edwards that used to be Lake Murock in the 30's where all the hot rodders would chop their cars up and go out as fast as they could. And that was all informed by the people coming back from WWII who had all this knowledge and fabrication skills from working on aircraft. So that aircraft community became the hot rod community and so I wanted to make it a real California story of a guy who comes from that tradition. And I would believe that if that guy got locked in a cave with the right stuff, could build something. And we designed a suit that looks like [artist Adi] GranovÕs depiction of the Mark I, but also something that felt like it could have been made practically because it always felt a little convenient that he could build that suit with the stuff that he had."


The rumor floating around at Ain't It Cool News is that the recently reported casting call with actors such as Adam Brody, Joseph Cross, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Teresa Palmer was strictly for the roles of the Flash and Wonder Woman.

Speaking of Themiscira's Finest, an article at Cinematical claims that actress Shannyn Sossamon is in the running for the role. "According to our source, the Mulroneys were so taken with Sossamon that they championed her to director Miller, even going so far as to state that they had envisioned Sossamon in the Amazonian role all along," the article states. "But now comes the bad news ... our source also tells us that Miller was less than over the moon about Sossamon's audition (or just didn't see her as being the right casting fit), which means that a resulting stalemate will almost certainly break in his favor. The audition apparently took place sometime prior to the recent 'Young Hollywood' open casting call, and that's all we know at this point."


Creator Tim Kring is quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about the "old school" photo from this week's episode. "I think all of them will be [played by the actors in the photo]," Kring said. "I just have to tell you, the photo has got a life of its own, because, logistically, it was so difficult to actually come up with this photograph that's used now and refers to things that are shot well in the future here. It was very difficult to get that all lined up. But, yes, the photo is as accurate as we can make it ... on a show like this, you have to be able to fold people in and fold people out. So the audience should fully expect to see characters leaving in the near future."


How about a look at new YouTube footage from the adaptation, courtesy of Comics2Film ...


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