Small Press Spotlight on Amy Martin at the Cartoon Art Museum

Official Press Release

Beginning on September 18, 2010, the Cartoon Art Museum's ongoing Small Press Spotlight will feature the art of Amy Martin.

Amy Martin is a cartoonist from Chicago who now lives in San Francisco. She has been self-publishing comic books since 2004, and has completed twelve books. She is the creator of The Single Girls, Bachelor Girl, and The Girls Are Mighty Fine. Her characters are girls who mainly discuss their hang-ups, dates, and occasional moments of jubilation. Her work deals in large part with women and the ways they treat each other, how the relations between them can be either friendly or full of conflict. Martin draws inspiration from her own life and friends, and creates witty comics that are adorable yet provocative.

Funny and lively, Martin's work also draws attention to how this type of woman really isn't represented in comics from the female perspective. Check out Amy's Martin work on her website: http://www.amymartincomics.com

About the Small Press Spotlight:

San Francisco has been a hotbed of innovative, groundbreaking comic art since the late 1800s with the advent of the modern comic strip. In the1960s, the Bay Area gained further notoriety when the underground comix movement launched from San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district. Today, some of the biggest names in alternative and small-press comics hail from the Bay Area, and the Cartoon Art Museum's Small Press Spotlight focuses on the works of these talented individuals.

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