"Small Gods Special" Gets A Format Change

Official Press Release

BERKELEY, CA -- 6 June, 2005 -- The Small Gods Special is changing itsformat from color to Black & White.

"We're looking forward to bringing the fans more great stories and assuringthem that Small Gods is still one of the best reads to hit the stands!" saysKris Simon, editor of Small Gods.

The Small Gods Special was originally intended to be a color book. Oneof the reasons it was changed to Black & White is that the Special is agreat jumping-on point for new readers and Image didn't want tomislead new fans in to thinking the regular book was also color.

Another reason is that for the inevitable trade paperback, have a small colorsection raises the production price, so that the price on the collection wouldhave to be higher than what Image wanted to charge the fans.

Writer Jason Rand says "It's a pity we can't put the book out in colour, but SmallGods is a damn good read either way. Juan's greys and colours are like moodmusic - whatever he's doing, he just uses the perfect style to set off his linework- so we're not going to lose anything by printing in B&W. Still, we're goingto get the colour version out somehow, if only as a thank you to all thefans who've stuck with us."

Here's what others are saying about Small Gods:

"Character-driven superpowered storytelling that would make the X-Men jealous" - Wizard

"Highly Recommended (10/10)" The Fourth Rail, Snap Judgements

"Small Gods can be considered a tour-de-force from the team of Rand and Ferreyra.Rarely do we see solid storytelling and eye-popping artwork from newcomers, but thisbook has that and more" – Jose Clemente, Broken Frontier.com

"Juan Ferreyra... it is a shame that I cannot just say genius, and leave it at that,because nothing I write can adequately describe the greatness of his work." RaulGrau, Comixfan.com

"Small Gods is one of the best Image debuts since Powers." Alan David Doane, Comic Book Galaxy

The Small Gods Special (APR051661) is a 32 page black & white one-shot for $2.95.

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