Slott Teases Spider-Man 2099 For "Superior Spider-Man"

Before the revelation of writer Dan Slott's master plan in the last issues of Marvel Comics' "Amazing Spider-Man," fans were abuzz when the writer supposedly sent a public tweet to "Superior Spider-Man" artist Ryan Stegman that looked as though it was meant to be a direct message, referencing a character named Miguel. Speculation ran wild that the new star of "Superior Spider-Man" was actually Miguel O'Hara, better known as Spider-Man 2099.

While fans of "Spider-Man 2099" were no doubt disappointed in the revelation that Miguel O'Hara wouldn't be the star of the new series, Slott has given the briefest glimmer of hope for fans. In an interview with MTV Slott revealed he has plans for Spider-Man 2099 in "Superior Spider-Man."

"This is not a trick. This is not a prank," Slott told MTV. "You will see Miguel O'Hara in 'Superior Spider-Man.'"

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The last appearance of Miguel O'Hara was in "Timestorm 2009-2099" by writer Brian Reed, which saw a crossover between the 616 and the 2099 universe. The character also had an extended role in "Exiles," although it was later revealed to be an alternate version of the original Spider-Man 2099. The conclusion of "Exiles" saw Miguel retired and living on a beach with an alternate universe version of Mary Jane Watson. The character was also featured in Activision's "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions" video game. Slott did not specify which version of Miguel O'Hara would appear in "Superior Spider-Man," but hopefully more answers are on the way.

"Superior Spider-Man" #1 by Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman is now in stores.

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