Slott Promises Global "Amazing Spider-Man," Reveals New Designs

A new "Amazing Spider-Man" volume from Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli is among the deluge of October-debuting Marvel series announced over the past week, and MTV has details and the first look at design work from the series, including a closer peek at the Alex Ross-designed new Spidey costume.

"The things this suit will be able to do and the innovations that Peter Parker has put into it will be astounding," Slott told MTV. The series will also introduce a new Spider-Mobile, designed by Camuncoli.

"Peter Parker has stepped up," Slott told MTV. "He's grown. He's become the Peter Parker we've always hoped he was going to be. This company, with Peter's inventions and Peter's gumption has gone to new heights." In the series, Parker Industries will expand beyond New York City and into Shanghai, San Francisco and London.

Along with Peter's business success, Slott hinted that his romantic life will also see some new developments. While the Slott-written "Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows" "Secret Wars" series depicts Peter Parker married to Mary Jane and the father of a young daughter, it looks like the new series will pick up with Spidey single once again.

"One of the things I always loved was there was always a triangle," Slott said. "There's all these characters who are vying for Pete's attention."

Yet Peter Parker won't be the only Spider-Man starring in a solo series after "Secret Wars," with Miles Morales now in the main Marvel Universe and starring in a "Spider-Man" series from Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli.

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