Slott & Allred's "Silver Surfer" to Return, Lemire & Smallwood Join "Moon Knight"

Marvel Comics utilized the currently ongoing Diamond Retailer Summit in Baltimore to break some news on Thursday evening, including updates on a couple of fan-favorite series. ComicBook.com has word that writer Jeff Lemire and artist Greg Smallwood are the new creative team on "Moon Knight," scheduled to debut in the spring with a new #1. The story will pick up with Marc Spector, Moon Knight, in a mental institution -- with the question being, how did he get there? (Or has he been there all along?)

"By starting the story in a mental health institution, it allows me to play with different perceptions of what it means to be mentally ill, both through Marc and also through the supporting cast we will meet in there with him," Lemire told ComicBook.com. "The hospital Marc is in is very much a throwback to an era gone by. The methods that the doctors use to treat mental illness in the comic are barbaric and outdated, but they reflect the reality of how we as a society saw the mentally ill not that long ago, and in some cases still do."

Lemire makes it clear that the book isn't just a criticism of mental health issues: "It is very much filled with big, crazy, bombastic super hero stories and concepts. It's got humor and heart and horror. But I think I can use these things as metaphor to address bigger issues as well." While the writer is new to the series, Smallwood is a "Moon Knight" veteran, having collaborated with Brian Wood on the book last year.

Additionally, writer Dan Slott and artist Mike Allred have been confirmed to return to their acclaimed run on "Silver Surfer" for a new volume in early 2016. No further details have been released at this time. The pair began their run on the book in 2014, which is set to continue through issue #15, scheduled for release in November. "Silver Surfer" had not yet been announced as part of Marvel's post-"Secret Wars" "All-New, All-Different Marvel" plans, but this news confirms that the creative team will remain intact.

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