Slight Defense of Bruce Jones' Nightwing

If rumors are correct, and Dick Grayson was supposed to have been killed in Infinite Crisis, and that Bruce Jones' Nightwing was going to star Jason Todd One Year Later becoming the new Nightwing, then that would certainly throw a big monkeywrench into Jones' take on the character. "Oh, by the by, Bruce, your book has a new starring character, m'kay?"

However, from the looks of it, all the current villain and romantic plots look like they could have worked with Jason Todd as Nightwing as well, so it's likely that Jones just added Dick to the book without changing MUCH of his plans, so I still think Jones' ideas for the book, Dick Grayson or no Dick Grayson, were probably quite odd, so this is not MUCH of a defense. But it's a defense nonetheless.

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