SLG's Tiki Books Named "Best in L.A."

Official Press Release

SLG Publishing is best known for its line of comic books, but among Tiki aficionados, its line of Beach Bum Berry recipe books are valued by those in-the-know for its meticulously researched vintage recipes. Los Angeles magazine has acknowledged that distinction in its August 2006 "Best of L.A." issue, in which it names The Grog Log, Intoxica! and Taboo Table as the best Polynesian drink guides.

In The Grog Log, first published in 1998, Jeff "Beach Bum" Berry and Annene Kaye first reintroduced vintage Tiki mixed drink recipes, some of which had been kept highly secret or thought to be long-lost. SLG followed up in 2002 with Intoxica! and in 2005 with Taboo Table, a cook book of vintage Polynesian-inspired recipes. Los Angeles magazine comments, "In a series of meticulously researched cookbooks, Los Feliz filmmaker Jeff Berry has decoded the top-secret ingredients of legendary drinks and even some pupu platters."

SLG Publishing is most well-known as a comic book publisher, but the Beach Bum Berry series of recipe books has been one of its most consistent sellers. The company is following that success with the publication of its first book under the its new Club Tiki imprint--Tiki Art Now, Volume Three, a book of contemporary Polynesian-inspired Tiki Art. The books are available to order from the publisher's website, www.slgpublishing.com, or from Amazon.com.

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