SLG to publish <i>Captain Long Ears</i> this May

SLG Publishing will release Captain Long Ears, the debut graphic novel by Diana Thung, this coming May. The all-ages graphic novel is about a boy and his imaginary friend, Jam the gorilla, as they attempt to save an elephant from a local theme park.

Courtesy of SLG Publishing, we have an EXCLUSIVE ten-page preview of the book after the jump.

And here's some more information on the book, courtesy of SLG

Captain Long Ears (168 pages, $12.95, to be published in May 2010)Eight-year-old Michael has lost his father. Michael's mother has thrown herself into work to avoid the grief. Determined not break a birthday tradition, Michael heads to the theme park accompanied only by his imaginary friend, a gorilla named Jam. Believing themselves to be space ninjas, they embark on exciting adventures. However, things go awry when they decide to save the park's elephant. By the time Michael's mother realizes that her son is missing, Michael has been seriously injured by the violent elephant. However, the accident causes Michael and his mother learn to come to terms with Michael's father's death.

(Much gratitude: Jennifer de Guzman!)

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