SLG seeks former creators for fundraiser anthology

Last fall, SLG Publishing announced it was being forced to relocate its office space and Art Boutiki gallery, with Publisher Dan Vado mentioning there likely would be some fundraising efforts to help pay for the move. We now have some details of at least part of those plans.

John Backderf (My Friend Dahmer) recently posted some art to his Facebook page, noting that it's his contribution to SLG Stories, Volume 2: Too Stupid to Die, an anthology to help raise the money the publisher needs. I contacted Vado for for information about the project, but he says he's still ironing out the details. He did say, however, there are some creators he's published for whom he no longer has contact information. Former SLG creators who would like to contribute, but haven't yet heard from Vado can contact him at dvado@slgpubs.com. Any help in spreading the word would also be appreciated.

Backderf's piece is of the character Otto from his 2010 graphic novel Punk Rock and Trailer Parks. He explains it's "the first new Otto printed piece in a while, for you completists." In addition to Punk Rock and Trailer Parks, SLG also published early Backderf works Trashed and the print collection of his comic strip The City.

The new anthology will be Volume 2 because the company previously published Slave Labor Stories: Too Stupid to Quit, Too Mean to Die in 2006 as a 20th-anniversary celebration. That book was a 64-page color comic with stories and art by Neil Kleid, Tommy Kovac, Jim Rugg, Jamie Smart, Ben Towle, James Turner, Andi Watson, Gene Yang and others. If the Volume 2 credits look anything like that list, it'll be the must-have anthology of the year.

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