SLG Reprints "Gargoyles" #1

Official Press Release

SLG Publishing enthusiastically announced that the 10,000-copy first printing of Gargoyles #1, one of four properties published under SLG's Disney licensing agreement, had all but sold out. "We are going to be shipping our last copies to Diamond immediately, but sadly there will not be enough to satisfy all of the reorders being placed," said SLG Publishing president Dan Vado.

Comic books stores scrambled to keep Gargoyles #1 on shelves after its release on June 21, but it soon became clear that supply of the eagerly-anticipated comic book could not keep up with the demand of Gargoyles fans. So SLG Publishing is stepping in by re-printing Gargoyles #1, written by the Gargoyles animated series creator Greg Weisman, drawn by David Hedgecock, and colored by Will Terrell.

Gargoyles is the saga of "The Clan"--gargoyles who were formerly warriors in Medieval Scotland who have been awakened from a curse in modern-day Manhattan. Faced with the growing fear and suspicion of Manhattan's residents, the Gargoyles must convince the world to trust them or else retreat to live a life in the shadows. The original animated series ended ten years ago, but its fanbase has remained strong and active; there is even a well-attended Gargoyles convention, Gathering of the Gargoyles, every year. SLG attended this year and watched copies of Gargoyles #1 fly off the shelf.

That enthusiasm has been matched in comic book stores throughout the country as Gargoyles #1 sold out in a matter of weeks. Supplies of the comic will be replenished by August.

SLG's Dan Vado pointed out that he felt that the first issue was severely under-ordered by retailers. "We over-printed by almost 40% of our initial orders," he added. "I would highly advise retailers who are carrying the comic to check their orders for Gargoyles #2."

Returning the enthusiasm of his fans, creator Greg Weisman is supporting the return of Gargoyles with convention appearances, and he will be a special guest at San Diego Comic-Con International, which takes place from July 20 to July 23.

Gargoyles is one of four Disney-licensed comics being produced by SLG Publishing. For information about and previews of Gargoyles, Haunted Mansion, Wonderland and Tron, as well as SLG's creator-owned titles, visit their website at www.slgpublishing.com.

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