SLG Publishing Offices Hit by Drunk Driver

We've all read stories about how it can be tough as a publisher in the comic book industry just to get people to notice or pick up your work. That job is made even harder when cars come crashing through your front door. Literally.

Saturday night a drunk driver drove her car in to the front of the building which houses the headquarters of SLG Publishing in San Jose, California. The good news is no one was hurt, but the damage is quite extensive.

"At about 1 a.m. Saturday morning, a drunk driver plowed her car through the front of our building," Slave Labor's Editor-In-Chief Jennifer de Guzman told CBR News Monday evening. "Besides the great deal of property damage it caused, the crash also took out part of our store display and did a good amount of damage to our editorial and production department. My desk is no more, alas, though most of its contents survived. I'm currently sorting through everything. One of our computers was destroyed, but, fortunately my computer and my assistant's computer survived, so we have not lost the work on new and upcoming books. My computer was actually thrown between fifteen and twenty feet, but it only got scratched up a bit. We did lose a scanner and computer, but nothing vital to our work."

The additional bit of good news is while this accident has obviously disrupted the lives of the employees of Slave Labor, this should have little affect on their shipping schedules and there are no plans to move office.

"I don't expect there to be any significant delays in production or shipping. It's a bit messy here, but everything that we need to get our comics to the printer is working. Dan [Vado, President and Publisher] is currently getting replacement desks and new keyboards to replace what was destroyed. He's been buys with police reports, insurance companies and just overall damage assessment. We'll be getting a contractor in here to make all the necessary repairs soon.

"Thank you to everyone who has expressed concern about us. But we're resilient here at SLG. This hasn't knocked us off our feet by any means."

Pictures of the damage and an official statement can be on the SLG News Journal.

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