SLG Publishes 'Zeet,' a Storybook by FSc

Official Press Release

FSc, the Singaporean artist whose whimsical and astounding artwork illustrates Serena Valentino's spooky stories in SLG Publishing's Nightmares and Fairy Tales, now has a storybook of her own, Zeet: A Little Book of Alphabetical Dispositions, coming from SLG Publishing in June 2003.

Zeet is a creature who mysteriously manifests itself from the dreams of a young girl named Apparrliss and leads her on a frightening, destructive journey backward through the alphabet. The distraught and horrified Apparrlis must escape Zeet, who ravenously devours every creature he comes across, and try to untangle herself from the chaos he's caused.

SLG Publishing's editor-in-chief Jennifer de Guzman has nothing but enthusiasm for FSc's work. "I've heard people try to describe FSc's work as 'a cross between' this and that, but there is really no high-concept way of getting across what her artwork truly is," she said. "It's so wildly original and absolutely gorgeous, and with the surreal story of Zeet she really goes all-out, imagery-wise."

Zeet will be a 32-page one-shot storybook in a special 5.25" x 6.75" format, to be released in June 2003. A preview of Zeet is available at SLG Publishing's website, www.slavelabor.com.

SLG Publishing is a San Jose, California-based publisher of comic books and graphic novels, including GloomCookie by Serena Valentino and Breehn John Burns, My Monkey's Name Is Jennifer by Ken Knudtsen, and Halo and Sprocket by Kerry Callen.

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