SLG Hosts Creator's Studios IV with Ethan Nicolle, May 16th

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SLG Publishing continues it's successful and informative Creator's Studio series with another day-long event on May 16th. Creator's Studio IV will feature panels on comics and their creation and will end with a live-drawing demonstration by the artist of the Eisner Award nominated humor series Chumble Spuzz Ethan Nicolle.

"The revival of the day-long event was a big success" said SLG President and event organizer Dan Vado "We had one guy come all the way from Oklahoma just for the seminar. Vado added that other long-distance attendees included a couple from Olympia Washington and another from Long Beach CA. "I think we may have hit on something and the upcoming events can only get better" added Vado.

The tentative panel line-up for the May 16th event includes:

Preparing a Proposal - Taught from the SLG Publishing perspective, Dan Vado will go over what should and should not go into your written project proposal to a comics company. Also covered will be what to put into your portfolio and how to handle yourself when you are planning to show your work to editors at a convention.

Good Design/Bad Design - SLG Art Director Scott Saavedra goes over good and bad design choices and how they apply to comics and graphic novels.

In addition to being SLG's Art Director, Scott is the creator of Comic Book Heaven, a book series that looked at comics from the Golden and Silver Age with an eye towards examining the goofier aspects of those books.

Conjuring a page - Artists in semi-residence Ethan Nicolle sits down at his drawing tabld and demonstrates his drawing and storytelling techniques. This is an interactive demonstration, questions are encouraged. Ethan will show how he breaks down a page and take a page of script and show and explain his thought process for creating a finished piece.Ethan is the Eisner Award nominated creator of Chumble Spuzz and is one of the funniest and most inventive creators to hit SLG Publishing in a long time.The Creator's Studio seminar is not a how-to-draw class, a certain amount of proficeincy on the part of attendees is assumed. While some attention will be paid to the basics of drawing, for the most part this session will be devoted to storytelling and design. Recommended age for this seminar is 16 or older.

Cost for the event is $15, tickets should be purchased in advance at www.slgcomic.com/workshops or at http://cstudio4.eventbrite.com

The SLG Gallery will be open late the night before the event as the site has become an official venue for Left Coast Live, a downtown San Jose music festival. More information for that event can be found at http://www.leftcoastlive.com. "Anyone coming a long distance for the event should make a point of stopping by, we will be letting Creator's Studio attendees into the gallery free" said Vado " we will have loads of live music going on until late that evening and the downtown itself should be pretty jumping."

For more information about SLG Publishing or the Creator's Studio series contact Dan Vado at dvado@slgpubs.com or call 408-971-8929

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