SLG debuts a new luchador hero in "Strongman"

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El Tigre was the best, a legendary luchador who was a hero in the ring and out. But an act of treachery left him defeated and disillusioned, and El Tigre retreated from Mexico to live an anonymous life in New York City's Spanish Harlem. In Strongman, a new graphic novel by Charles Soule and Allen Gladfelter to be published by SLG Publishing in March, El Tigre, now throwing wrestling matches to men twenty years his junior for drinking money, takes a final shot at redemption. When a beautiful young woman begs for his help in breaking up an organ trafficking ring, El Tigre has to find the hero that has lain dormant within him for forty years.

Strongman writer Charles Soule drew inspiration from Mexico's real masked wrestlers. "The real-life luchadors were incredible, larger-than-life figures," he said. "They were basically real-world superheroes -- many of them never took their masks of in public. These people were big deals. And I thought a story that played with their legend a bit, while remaining respectful could be something special."

Artist Allen Gladfelter drew Strongman with a classic look, with clean lines, screen shading, and distinctive characters and settings. Capturing the feeling, not just the look, of what he drew was particularly important to Gladfelter. "I got a big memory card for my digital camera, packed my bags and headed south to take in a real life Mexican masked wrestling bout, and then headed east to spend a week walking the length and breadth of Manhattan," he said. "It is my hope that by experiencing for myself these amazing events and places that I came to the world of El Tigre with something authentic to say."

Strongman is a 120-page graphic novel that will be in stores in March 2009. It can be ordered through comic book stores with the Diamond code JAN093940. There is a Strongman preview and book trailer on SLG Publishing's website, www.slgcomic.com.

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