'Sleepy Hollow' Producer and Cast Count Down to 'Ragnarok'


With Fox’s action-horror series “Sleepy Hollow” about to bring its third season to close with the apocalyptic-sounding “Ragnarok,” co-executive producer Raven Metzner and some of the cast met with reporters at WonderCon to discuss the road to the finale.

He was joined by Nikki Reed (Betsy Ross), Jessica Camacho (FBI Agent Sophie Foster), Zach Appelman (Joe Corbin) and Lyndie Greenwood (Jenny Mills).

The third season of "Sleepy Hollow" finds Ichabod Crane and his partner Abbie Mills battling not the demon Moloch, the primary antagonist since the series began, but rather The Hidden One and his tribune and lover Pandora.

"The idea came up early on that Moloch and his whole crew were the first tribulation,” Metzner explained. “Based on the pilot, they talked about seven tribulations coming, and we were gonna do the second tribulation. That needed to be different than the demonic tribulation that Moloch represented. So we, searched around and threw out a lot of ideas for what it could be and we centered on this idea that it would be a god. That evolved into not just a god, but also a more grounded god in a relationship. That's where the idea for Pandora and the Hidden One came from. As we take down these tribulations we're also learning more and more about these characters and their roles and what it means to be a witness.”

These god-like villains are not the only great challenges facing the main characters. Abbie Mills' sister Jenny has struggled with misunderstanding her whole life, with her sightings of impossible evils leading to her incarceration. She has also contended with an absentee father who returns this season and who seems to know more about the odd world of “Sleepy Hollow” than he initially admits.

"I can definitely say that there's more to the story, and we will explore it,” Greenwood said. “Jenny's having a bit of a hard time with it, but he touched her heart.”


Jenny had another father figure in Sheriff August Corbin, whose son becomes a regular part of her life – her boyfriend. Appelman explained his importance as Joe Corbin, saying, "Obviously he brings a military-combat background, but I think the more important thing that is what he has brought with Jenny. I think if there's one thing Joe learned from his dad, it's patience and understanding. Which I think Sheriff Corbin clearly had which is why he was able to connect with these girls."

Joe also picks up a little where his father left off, collecting information about the paranormal occurrences in Sleepy Hollow. "The next two episodes are very much focused on Pandora and the Hidden One and the Corbin files aren't as much a part of that,” Appelman said, “but I'm sure that's something to be explored if there's a Season 4.”


Ichabod Crane enjoys a connection as well, forming a close relationship with Betsy Ross (Reed). “Tom [Mison, who plays Crane] and I, before we started filming, spent some time together trying to work out the dynamic and figuring out who Betsy and Crane were, using information from the writers,” Reed said.

As for the rest of the season, Metzner could only give tidbits of information. "One of the things that we always try to do in our show, for our finales, do something unexpected and crazy," he said, teasing that many of the questions he had about the show when he began as a writer in Season 2 will be answered.

“Sleepy Hollow” airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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