'Sleepy Hollow' Loses Its Headless Horseman

In the overhaul following its second-season slump, Fox's "Sleepy Hollow" is giving the ax to one of its signature adversaries: the Headless Horseman, whose centuries-spanning battle against Ichabod Crane initially drove the series.

"There won't be any Headless this year," Clifton Campbell, who replaced Mark Goffman as "Sleepy Hollow's" showrunner, tells TV Guide. "But we have a new framework and a new set of rules for the mythology. And it all starts with the introduction of our new big bad and will take us into a very interesting device which will allow us to see a somewhat more compelling, but more personal threat to both Abbie [Nicole Beharie] and Crane [Tom Mison]."

The departure of actor Neil Jackson, who played the Horseman, follows that of cast members Orlando Jones, Katia Winter, Matt Barr and John Noble.

However, Zach Appelman will return as fan-favorite Joe Corbin, helping to fill out the supporting cast alongside fellow newcomers Shannyn Sossamon, Nikki Reed and Lance Gross.

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