'Sleepy Hollow' & 'Bones' Prep Crossover For 2016

A resurrected soldier from George Washington's army and a romantic tension-filled medical examiner's office may seem to have little in common. But for Fox next season, the two ideas are pitcher perfect to help each other out.

EW has news up that Fox dramas Sleepy Hollow and Bones will share a pair of crossover episodes in early 2016. And while the fan favorite fantasy series and the long-running procedural dramedy don't have many surface elements in common, one thing they do share is a status as being "on the bubble" for renewal year in, year out. After a weaker Season 2, Sleepy Hollow was picked up for a third year only after executives spoke of a new single-episode format and after the loss of co-star Orlando Jones and show runner Mark Goffman (replaced by Clifton Campbell). After nine seasons on air, Bones has reached something of a "how long will it last?" status on the network which has recently turned towards franchise upkeep with revivals for X-Files and possibly Prison Break.

While no concrete plans are in place for when exactly the crossover will take place or what will happen in it, both Sleep Hollow and Bones are set to return to Thursday nights on Fox on October 1.

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