Sleeper, Julius, Watchmen: August 19th Comic Reel Wrap


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tom Cruise and Sam Raimi are setting up an adaptation of the Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips comic series, with Cruise loosely attached to star.


Variety is reporting that director F. Gary Gray will helm a big screen translation of Antony Johnston and Brett Weldele's contempo urban crime adaptation of William Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar."


Don't line up for tickets just yet -- CBR News has the inside scoop on Fox's quest to stop the Warner Brothers picture from hitting your local cineplex.


Director Henry Selick is quoted at Sci Fi Wire noting that the Neil Gaiman-minded project is near completion. "We will complete animation on 'Coraline' in about six weeks and plan a February release of 2009," Selick said. "In the translation from book to film there are adjustments to story and character that have to be made. The main thing I always felt was I could not disappoint the readers of the book, and though some details have been changed as well as the order of the sequences, I feel we will be successful."

Sci Fi Wire also has behind-the-scenes featurettes (and screen captures as well) from the production.


Don't call it a comeback ... but you might call it a spoiler. Kryptonsite has a scan from the latest TV Guide showcasing some very special co-stars.

CBR News also has an interview with actress Allison Mack, who discusses all manner of things about the show's eighth season.


The official site has been launched for the animated feature, which hits shelves September 2nd.


Comics on Comics has posted a video interview with Javier Grillo-Marxuach and Les McClaine, discussing their ABC Family series.


"Iron Man?" Please -- not even close. "Spider-Man?" Done for. But the blockbuster's granddaddy, "Star Wars?" Yep, that's right -- Box Office Mojo reports that the Christopher Nolan-helmed sequel has topped George Lucas' 1977 opus as the second highest grossing film of all time. There's still $125 million between this film and the number one, "Titanic," though.


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