"Slayer: Repentless, Vol. 1" Brings Legendary Metal Band to Comics

Move over, KISS! Slayer is about to enter the world of comic books. According to RollingStone, writer Jon Schnepp and artist Guiu Vilanova will create a three-part miniseries for Dark Horse Comics titled "Slayer: Repentless, Vol. 1," based on the band's revenge-themed music videos, specifically "Repentless" and "You Against You."

"It's a road journey -- like a road movie of horror -- and it goes across many states," Schnepp explained. "It isn't a mystical or supernatural story. It's a straight-up human story of terror, like brother against brother, people feeding off hatred, the stupidity and horror of humanity." He added that the series will be more expansive than the videos, if just as bloody.

"I'm busting my ass on these because I want to honor the legacy," he added. "It can't be corny or jokey. It has to be harsh, violent and very gritty." He went on to reveal that, though Slayer does not appear in the comic as yet, he hopes to work them in. For now, they're just influencing the series' "very dark tone."

"I think of the songs I write as stories," shared Slayer's Kerry King. "And if nothing else, they are certainly visual. [Director] BJ [McDonnell] managed to string it all together so it made sense [in the music videos]."

"My philosophy as far as anybody working on anything regarding Slayer, be it the album cover art or video concepts, is to let the people who do that for a living do it," he said, though he did approve the concepts for the series. "That's how we started working with [cover artist] Larry Carroll for 'Reign in Blood,' 'South of Heaven' and 'Seasons in the Abyss.' We gave him song titles, lyrics, just things to put ideas in his head."

"Slayer: Repentless, Vol. 1" goes on sale in December.

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