Slave Labor's "Fat Chunk" Anthology Features Zombie-themed Volume 2

Official Press Release

One might wonder what Jamie Smart, the creator of Bear, Space Raoul and Ubu Bubu, might come up with as the editor of an anthology, hand-selecting creators to write and draw comic stories about a common theme. The answer was a wide-ranging sampling of new talent from all over the globe with the SLG Publishing anthology Fat Chunk Volume One: Robots, and now, with Fat Chunk Volume 2: Zombies, due out in June 2009, Smart is corralling the talent of some up-and-comers in the industry with new names for variations on that favorite theme: Zombies.

Versatility is an oft-mentioned merit of the zombie genre: zombie stories can be serious or funny, gory or darkly atmospheric, and in Fat Chunk: Zombies, a plethora of artists to chip in their own bite-sized take on the subject. From web comic heroes to street artists, from toy designers to professional comic artists, Fat Chunk draws in talent from around the world and collects them together into one compact little bundle. Included in the collection are stories by more than sixty creators, including Aaron Alexovich (Serenity Rose, Kimmie66), Marc Ellerby (Love the Way You Love), Thomas Boatwright (Zeke Deadwood), and Smart himself.

"I'm incredibly proud of the range and quality we've amassed in this little book, with over 60 artists you'll be able to dip in and out of the book as you choose, finding work by some of your favorite artists and hopefully discovering new ones!" said Smart. "The Fat Chunk books are made out of not only paper but also love and enthusiasm. And in this particular case, flesh bones and gristle. Because it's zombies. Everyone loves zombies, innit?"

Fat Chunk Volume Two: Zombies will be a 144-page book that retails for $12.95. It can be pre-ordered now from comic book retailers with the Diamond code APR090632. For more information about SLG Publishing, visit their website at www.slgcomic.com

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