Slave Labor/Amaze Ink solicitations for product shipping August, 2002


Where's It At, Sugar Kat? Trade Paperback

Ian Carney & Woodrow Phoenix

$12.95 60% 104 Quebecor Amaze Ink

Collecting the hit mini series! Sugar Kat, the most popular girl in the world, and her overachieving sister Rebecca investigate a series of hobo disappearances in the small town of Bumrush, PA. There they find an anorexic population preyed on by a cell of flatulent, overweight vampires. Can our girls stop the undead before they resurrect an army of vampires to dine on Middle America? PLUS An unpublished 16 page Sugar Kat story AND a new interview with Carney and Phoenix. Critically acclaimed cartoon fun!


Little Gloomy #6

Landry Walker and Eric Jones

$2.95 60% 24 Quebecor Slave Labor

Little Gloomy returns! This time, it's 'The Mystery of The Invisible Men: Part 1.' Gloomy has been kidnapped by the Invisible Men! Are her friends rushing to save her? Well, no, actually. They don't even know she's missing. Besides, they've got their hands full subduing Gloomy's rampaging doppelganger, Shelly. Who are the Invisible Men? What is their evil plan? Why is Shelly so crazy? The mystery of Frightsylvania continues to unfold as we begin an all new Little Gloomy storyline.

Witch #4

Lorna Miller

$2.95 60% 24 Quebecor Slave Labor

This issue: Angela takes on the feminists, the Mad Cows have a genius for a baby, and Mary goes on a really fabby date. We can't tell you what else happens, Œcause it's FOR MATURE READERS, or at least for Adults anyway. More virtuoso scalding satire from our Scottish lassie Lorna.

Nighmares and Fairy Tales #2

Serena Valentino & FSc

$2.95 60% 24 Quebecor Slave Labor

Poor little Morgan laying on the bathroom floor in a pool of blood, an understandably freaked out Morgan embarks on a search for some answers as to why her friends are being murdered. Unfortunately, she goes a little crazy when all the evidence points in her direction. Join the little doll named Annabelle (our narrator) for the horrifying conclusion of the first story in this ongoing series from the writer of GloomCookie.

GloomCookie Trade Paperback Vol. 2

Serena Valentino & John Gebbia

$16.95 60% 192 Quebecor Slave Labor

Collecting issues 7-12 of the popular gothic soap-opera series - follow the conclusion of the triangle of fate between Isabella, Damion, and Lex; discover the secrets behind Chrys and Sebastian; and see triumph turn to humilation in Vermillion the poet's ultimate plot against Lex. Plus NEW material, including pages from Darrick Robertson and Jhonen Vasquez!

Sparks: An Urban Fairy Tale Graphic Novel

Lawrence Marvit

$35.95 55% 440 Quebecor Slave Labor

Lawrence Marvit's critically acclaimed series is presented in the graphic novel format he always envisioned. Containing all five original issues plus 170 PAGES of all-new, unpublished material completing the tale of a lonely mechanic named Josephine who creates her ideal man from scrap metal, and then must teach him to be human when he magically comes to life. In the process, she re-examines who she is, and what she wants in life. This modern Pinocchio tale comes with an introduction by PAUL DINI.

Dork #10

Evan Dorkin

$2.95 60% 24 Quebecor Slave Labor

At last! It's the latest issue of the award winning humor anthology from Evan Dorkin. This issue features The Devil Puppet's Invisible College of Secret Knowledge, covering the Great Macy's Balloon Hunt of 1929, the suicidal circus midget known as"Little Methuselah", and the real motivation behind Dr. Frederic Wertham's anti-comics crusade of the '50's. Eltingville Club Secretary of Science Fiction Josh Levy feuds with the host of a QVC comic book show, live on the air. Also, "How to Get Your Ass Kicked in 5 E-Z Lessons", "Mighty Carl Jung", a second look at "Advertising Characters of Yesteryear", and other odds and ends designed to amuse, delight and remove three dollars from your pocket. So un-pop the cork - it's Dork!

Dork #4 (New Printing)

Evan Dorkin

$2.75 60% 24 Quebecor Slave Labor

Dork #7 (Offered Again)

Evan Dorkin

$2.95 60% 24 Quebecor Slave Labor

Dork TPB: Who's Laughing Now? (Offered Again)

Evan Dorkin

$11.95 60% 112 Quebecor Slave Labor

Peepshow v.2 #32

$0.00 16 Quebecor Slave Labor

Ghost Rider RObbie Reyes
Ghost Rider Just Ditched His Hellcharger For a Bigger and Better Ride

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