Slave Labor Graphics/Amaze Ink solicitations for product shipping July, 2002

Amaze Ink:

Highway 13 #7

Les McClaine

$2.95 60% 24 Quebecor Amaze Ink

Rick and Garth find terror and excitement when they encounter skull traffickers at "The Devil's Truckstop!" Is it mere ghoulishness or something far more sinister? Can our heroes survive their meeting with the mysterious Black Driver, who may hide more secrets than they know? Find out in this newest issue of Highway 13!

Halo & Sprocket #2

Kerry Callen

$2.95 60% 24 Quebecor Amaze Ink

Katie must deal with her beer-guzzling, chauvinistic neighbor. Will living with an angel and a robot be any help to her? Also in this issue, Halo teaches Sprocket the difference between 'spit' and 'saliva.' Plus, Katie avoids road rage! Three complete stories in one quirky book - such a deal!

Slave Labor:

The Cat With a Really Big Head, and Another Story That's Not as Good

Roman Dirge

$2.95 60% 36 Quebecor Slave Labor

Attention Lenore fans: Roman Dirge is back with an all-new storybook-format tale. This time, it's the tragic story of a cat named Cat, and his misfortunes in life due to his enormously oversized head. This digest-size tale (5.5 x 8.5') comes with a glossy card-stock cover with color art on the inside covers as well as outside, and includes an all-new back up story by Dirge, which he says is not as good. You be the judge.

Slow News Day Trade Paperback

Andi Watson

$16.95 60% 152 Quebecor Slave Labor

When Californian, Katharine Washington, comes to England to work on a newspaper she's expecting more than the small and troubled Wheatstone Mercury. Here she enters the world of office politics, the bottom line, personal and professional strife and lost hamsters. Will it be enough to lure her away from the bright lights and opportunities of home? Collecting the 6 issue series from the Eisner nominated creator of Skeleton Key and Breakfast After Noon.

Charm School Book One: Magical Wtich Girl Bunny Trade Paperback

Elizabeth Watasin

$11.95 60% 96 Quebecor Slave Labor

Collecting the first three issues of Charm School and the story, 'The Wrecking Faerie', which introduced the dark and gorgeous faerie, Fairer Than. Also included is the first appearance of Bunny, the Teen Witch, in Action Girl Comics, and an ALL-NEW Bunny and Fairer Than story called 'Radiate', as well as the debut appearance of Dr. Vanessa Leather, Monster Maker.

Sugar Buzz #10

Ian Carney & Woodrow Phoenix

$2.95 60% 24 Quebecor Slave Labor

SPECIAL ALL-APE ISSUE! A stand-alone issue featuring all of Sugar Buzz's banana-chomping characters. Meet Squinty, the Nickel Chimp - he'll do anything for five cents! Urbane Gorilla, the swishest animal in the experimentation lab! You Bad Bad Monkeys - the return of those naughty simian children-substitutes! PLUS Blow-Up Chimp (from the pages of Sugar Kat) by Jake Carney and Jonathan Edwards. This issue is a GUARANTEED hairy laff-fest! Cartoon fun with a heart of darkness! Too much monkey business!

GloomCookie #13

Serena Valentino & Breehn Burns

$2.95 60% 24 Quebecor Slave Labor

Part 2 of "Breaking the Curse": after a falling out with Damion, Isabella reluctantly goes back to the Carnival Macabre to find that her old friend Artemus has also returned - but not under the circumstances that she would have hoped. And somehow Damion and Lex may be closer than ever to breaking the curse that Isabella set upon them so many years ago. Introducing new artist Breehn Burns.

My Monkey's Name is Jennifer #3

Ken Knudtsen

$2.95 60% 24 Quebecor Slave Labor

Bathtime for Kaitlin and her monkey Jennifer somehow takes them aboard a merchant vessel, where they must cook for a hungry crew. At least until Jennifer and the captain duke it out and pirates show up. Oh, and Jennifer's foot is stepped on - again.

Private Beach #6

David Hahn

$2.95 60% 24 Quebecor

Trudy finally decides to do it. She decides to crack open her fortune-telling eight ball to find out if it has indeed given her a cryptic message, but she ends cracking more than just the eight ball. Also, Trudy has an epiphany of her sense of place in the grand works of the universe while getting an iced cappuccino at Seven Eleven. Plus, a Private Beach back up story by Double Cross creator Tony Consiglio!

Life of a Fetus #7

Andy Ristaino

$2.95 60% 24 Quebecor Slave Labor

In this special issue, Little Billy writes and draws a tale of scientific "research" and self-discovery, as Billy and Dr. Otto infiltrate T.H.E.Y. headquarters, the mysterious organization behind much of the strangeness that is Andy Ristaino's sprawling epic. Things just might become a little clearer in this issue - or they might become as confused as Billy's own drawing of his brainstuffs featured on the cover (turn the image sideways). You're just gonna have to find out for yourself.

Rare Creature TPB (Offered Again)

Kelley Seda

$12.95 60% 112 Quebecor Slave Labor

Join Amelia Mire a fragile girl on a bizzare journey through love, surprises and paranoia with the boy next door, who is anything but, and his cast of unusual friends and mysterious secrets. Will this journey help her start a new life? or will it be the last piece in the puzzle of her undoing? Pin ups by-Jim Mahfood, Mike Huddleston, Scott Morse, Andi Watson, Troy Nixey and more...

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