Slave Labor Graphics/Amaze Ink solicitations for product shipping in January 2002

Slave Labor:

Truth Serum #1

Jon Adams

$2.95 60% 24 Quebecor Slave Labor

Lookit! From the creator of Superhim comes Truth Serum. More or less a super hero comic set in suburban Manchester, where no one is particularly super. Evil sometimes defeats good, and good sometimes triumphs over evil, but they both need to go to the laundromat on Saturday mornings. Double Felix may be a villain, but does this mean his relationship with The Implantress can't work? And would it kill the waitress at the diner to give Captain Force her number? And what about Chester, the hapless, somewhat faceless mute? Find out in Truth Serum, the comic for people who are bored by "action," "plot" and "admirable characters'. This series will appeal to comics readers looking for a slightly askew take on super heroes, especially fans of Chris Ware's Jimmy Corrigan stories and long-time Marvel and DC readers.

Creepy Tiki Mugs

Roman Dirge

$11 net cost item Slave Labor Slave Labor

Lenore creator Roman Dirge has created this two-mug set from his own original, hand-carved designs. Two ceramic mugs (one tall and thin, one short and wide) come in a box designed by Roman himself, plus a little 12-page drink recipe book of 'creepy' drinks complete with all new Dirge artwork. This mug set should appeal to both Roman's sizable fan base, and fans of tropical drinks and Polynesian Pop items, including readers of Slave Labor's own Beach Bum Berry's Grog Log.

Something at the Window is Scratching (Offered Again)

Roman Dirge

$9.95 60% 120 Quebecor Slave Labor While checking out Roman Dirge's 'Creepy Tiki' mugs, also try his popular collection of 'Disturbing Children's Stories for Disturbed Children'.

Witch #3

Lorna Miller

$2.95 60% 24 Quebecor Slave Labor

The party issue! Angela's party from hell ends in chaos coz of too much booze. Her snobby flat mates have a dinner party on the same night, and they sort of manage to ruin that too. It's the usual chaos, nudity, disruption and booze, booze, booze. There is also "Baby Beauvine's Rude Arrival" where Mrs. Beauvine gives birth. It's sick and funny. Also: the next installment of 'The Two Marys'. FOR MATURE READERS.

Witch #1 (Offered Again)

Lorna Miller

$2.95 60% 32 Quebecor Slave Labor If you missed Lorna Miller's American comics debut, here's another chance to see why Lorna's work has a devoted following among industry-insiders. Mary Fleener wrote in The Comics Journal that Witch is by 'a Scottish lass with a wee bit of wicked humor...it's very fun to read...I found myself laffin' out loud.' FOR MATURE READERS

The Waiting Place v.2 #12

Sean McKeever, Mike Norton & Jeffrey Limke

$4.95 60% 48 Quebecor Slave Labor

This is it - the final issue of SLG's acclaimed dramatic series! It's New Year's Eve in Northern Plains, which means it's time to party up. What surprises will this special evening bring? Will Jeffry and Lora get back together? Will Jill find herself a new man? Will Cullen break free of his older brother's shadow? Will Scott actually get lucky? Also in this issue: the final chapter of the introspective sci-fi tale, TOWER, with art by Jason Alexander. This special double-sized issue features a stunning painted cover by Adam Shaw.

Highway 13 #5

Les McClaine

$2.95 60% 24 Quebecor Slave Labor

Just what is Rick doing driving around with that werewolf? What was going on with that John Rogers guy? And just when is that pizza going to get here? The answers to two out of those three questions begin to take form in this issue, the first part of an epic multi-part story examining the history of Highway 13. Rick and Garth must confront the dangers of the past, while battling the dangers of the present in "Loose Ends, part one: Menace of the Maine Lobstermen!" Giant magic lobsters present almost as much of a threat as the revelation of Burgess' connection to Garth! YOU MUST NOT MISS THIS ONE!

Slow News Day #4

Andi Watson

$3.50 60% 24 Quebecor Slave Labor

Will the 'wire-eating ant colony' or 'lost hamster' story make the front page of the paper? Owen's determined to get the front spot, even if it complicates his relationship with Nicole. Meanwhile Katharine gets a long distance call making her an offer she finds hard to refuse. 4 of 6 in the small town paper story by acclaimed creator Andi Watson.

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