Slave Labor Graphics/Amaze Ink solicitations for product shipping February, 2002

Spark Generators TPB

edited by Jon "Bean" Hastings

$13.95 60% 120 Quebecor Slave Labor

Twenty-six artists draw about their influences, reflecting on the creators whose talent sparked their own need to put pencil to paper and scribble out cartoons. The book features such creators as Jeff Smith, Bill Morrison, Scott Shaw!, Trina Robins, Alex Robinson, C. Scott Morse, Donna Barr, Jon "Bean" Hastings and many more, with a cover by Will Eisner. All proceeds from "Spark Generators" will go to the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco.

Trashed Graphic Novella


$6.95 60% 48 Quebecor Slave Labor

True stories about a side of society most people try not to think about. Garbage Collector turned comic artist Derf shares several tales about his exerpiences collecting garbage in a rural Midwest town after graduating from high school. Disgusting, fascinating, shocking and hilarious, Trashed shows readers a new world that words alone could never capture, but spares them the horrible smell. This one-shot comes in an oversize 8.5 x 11" format with a cardstock cover.

Roman Dirge's Betrayal Figurine

designed by Roman Dirge

Slave Labor

From the pages of Roman Dirge's graphic novel, The Monsters in My Tummy, comes this 8" figurine of Betrayal, the embodiment of that universal human emotion. Betrayal comes with a removeable knife for his back, and a heart you can pull out of his chest. He sits on a circular stand (not pictured). Designed by Dirge himself, and sculpted by Jean-Louis Crinon. Packaged in a specially-designed box with original Dirge artwork.

Patty Cake & Friends v.2 #5

Scott Roberts

$4.95 55% 48 Quebecor Amaze Ink

Phoebe's got a brand new bike, and she takes Patty-Cake for a wild ride. Too wild. Irving has trouble understanding make-believe, and Longo is stirring up trouble again. Another thrill packed issue of childhood angst from acclaimed creator Scott Roberts.

Gloomcookie #11

Serena Valentino & John Gebbia

$2.95 60% 24 Quebecor Slave Labor

Ever wonder what Vermilion does on Valentine's Day? Join Vermilion's Nosferatu game in the second instalment of 'The Dark Brethren Cometh Part Two'. This year Vermilion has a vicious plot and Lex is apart of his scheme. And Join the Girls in another instalment of 'Girl Talk' as they discuss past Valentine's Day dates and share some hilarious high school stories. Note: beginning with this issue, Gloomcookie will be bi-monthly and 24 pages.

A Lot of Love Graphic Novel

Geoff Watson & John Gebbia

$9.95 60% 112 Quebecor Slave Labor

A Lot of Love is about a man named Jack Peoples. He has what many people would think of as a normal life: a high profile, well-paying job and a beautiful girlfriend. He owns his own home and car. But Jack is hiding what he truly wants. Although he can barely admit it to himself, Jack is attracted to extremely obese women. Deciding he can't live without one, Jack decides to risk everything to explore his obsession and try to make his dream come true. Note: this is a digest-sized graphic novel (5.5 x 8.5") from the artist of Gloomcookie.

Peepshow v.2 #26

$0.00 16 Quebecor Slave Labor

Monsters in My Tummy (Offered Again) Roman Dirge

$5.95 60% 48 Quebecor Slave Labor

This is a new printing of Lenore-creator Roman Dirge's dark storybook about the demons inside him, featuring some of his finest art ever.

Milk & Cheese's First Number Two (New Printing)

Evan Dorkin

$2.75 60% 24 Quebecor Slave Labor

Skeleton Key TPB #3: Telling Tales (New Printing)

Andi Watson

$12.95 60% 96 Quebecor Slave Labor

Collecting issues #19-24 of Slow News Day and Breakfast After Noon creator Andi Watson's classic series, Skeleton Key.

Gloomcookie TPB (Offered Again)

Serena Valentino & Ted Naifeh

$18.95 60% 240 Quebecor Slave Labor

Contains issues 1-6 of this popular series, as well as some other ninja-type surprises, never before seen sketches, a cute Halloween story about The Monster entitled "Trick Or Treat", special guest artists thingies (Ooooo! Wait till you see Œem!), Lex's vocabulary list and LOTS of other squishy stuff to make you happy. As always, wrapped in a gorgeous cover by Ted Naifeh.

Dork TPB: Who's Laughing Now? (Offered Again)

Evan Dorkin

$11.95 60% 112 Quebecor Slave Labor

Featuring 112 pages of densely-packed comic book craziness from Dork #1-5, all wrapped up in a sweet little package co-designed by Eisner, Harvey and Ignatz award winner Evan Dorkin and his House of Fun partner in crime, Sarah Dyer. Includes chapters devoted to The Murder Family, Generation Ecch!, Fisher-Price Theater and The Devil Puppet's Invisible College of Secret Knowledge! , a 19-page "Fun" section (bursting at the seams with 133 gagstrips!), and other strips, pin-ups, and rare art. So, who's laughing now? You are, pal -- unless you're some kind of uptight, humorless pinko!

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