Slave Labor Graphics/Amaze Ink solicitations for product shipping December, 2001

Amaze Ink

Mad Science #3

Jon 'Bean' Hastings

$2.95 60% 32 December 2001 Amaze Ink

This time around: zombies and plenty of 'em! Dr. Mondo's shambling and rambling army of the undead are loosed on Santa Cruz and, subsequently, our heroes! Their target? Herman, the brain-in-a-jar! Now if Mr. Ook and Mr. Eek the "intelligent" monkeys can get them across town...

Slave Labor

The Comical Tragedy of Punch and Judy

Christopher P. Reilly and Darron Laessig

$6.95 60% 48 December 2001 Slave Labor

For the first time in comics, the centuries-old tale of Punch and Judy is told in this 48-page adaptation of the classic children¹s puppet show, written and researched by Christopher P. Reilly and illustrated by Darron Laessig with a gorgeous cover painted by Star Wars cover artist Jon Foster. Follow the trail of mayhem left by Mr. Punch, as he brandishes his "slap-stick" upon every foe who tries to hurt his precious and infamous nose, from the dog Mr. Toby, to Mr. Scaramouche, to the Hangman, and finally the Devil himself. Note: this title will be printed in an 8.5 x 11" format with a card stock cover, and will contain additional pages chronicling the background of the Punch and Judy story and the amazing following it has developed over the past few centuries.

Lenore #9

Roman Dirge

$2.95 60% 24 December 2001 Slave Labor

Creator Roman Dirge writes: 'Lenore returns from her grave big time and is ready to reveal all the wisdom of the afterlife...If only she could remember it. I think maybe she was distracted by something shiny or something. Anyways, Lenore embarks on her usual adventures of undead mischief and happy happy fun stuff. Read about what Mr.Chippy has been up to and marvel at the magic of my journey to a urinal in Japan. Mmmm... That sure is some good stuff. Come... join me. Won't you?'

Gloomcookie #10

Serena Valentino & John Gebbia

$2.95 60% 24 December 2001 Slave Labor

Sebastian finds himself encountering the strangest sequence of events he has ever engaged. Feeling particularly alone and isolated he goes to the club but finds that things are not quite right. Somehow things in his reality have changed, and not for the best. Join Sebastian in his search for his sanity, as he comes to terms with his own reality.

Ranklechick and His Three Legged Cat #4

Rosearik Rikki Simons & Tavisha Wolfgarth-Simons

$3.95 60% 24 December 2001 Slave Labor

Ranklechick remembers that he left the spirit of Charles Dickens wandering alone on the devastated earth. It kind of bothers his conscious a little, so he decides to fly back to Earth to return Dickens soul to the afterlife. Unfortunately, he's being followed by a battle cruiser full of angry ghouls. Everyone meets their maker in the end. It's all very sad. Note: This book is in FULL COLOR.

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