Slave Labor Graphics solicitations for product shipping June, 2002

Amaze Ink:

Patty Cake & Friends v.2 #6

Scott Roberts

$4.95 60% 48 Quebecor Amaze Ink

Patty-Cake and family go out to The Cheese Ball to hear Janinie-Jean, the folksinging babysitter, perform. Jose and Keith plan a totally triumphant science fiction story using all the best cliches, and Irving goes to Susie McBee's tea party, where he gets an earful. (Not of tea)

Slave Labor:

Randy the Skeleton Trade Paperback

Ian Carney and Aidan Potts

$12.95 60% 80 Quebecor Slave Labor

Randy the Skeleton is the ultimate hedonist, not even letting death get in the way of enjoying himself! Collecting the stories originally printed in Heavy Metal, Cheval Noir, Sputnik, and other places, Randy The Skeleton is a surreal, laugh-a-minute romp through modern life in the mythical town of Salford, all illustrated in a gothic, super-rendered style (some of these pages have to be seen to be believed!), including an 8-page FULL-COLOR section. Also includes 36 pages of all-new material including the epic 'Beyond Information'! From the writer of Sugar Buzz, Pants Ant, and Sugar Kat.

Skelebunnies #2: Please Don't Eat the Babies!

Tommy Kovac

$2.95 60% 24 Quebecor Slave Labor

All-new adventures featuring those happy dead bunnies! Worshipped by the Devil Woobies and feared by the other forest animals, the Skelebunnies cause laughter, discomfort, and perplexity. Watch with foreboding as some little bears unwisely piss them off. Also, thrill to the Pretty Pretty Pony Macabre's surreal dreams, and pay attention to Satan's public service announcement. Once you've entered the weird wily world of the Skelebunnies, you'll never want to leave.

Skelebunnies #1 (Offered Again)

Tommy Kovac

$2.95 60% 24 Quebecor Slave Labor

Stitch creator Tommy Kovac's collection of all-new tales featuring the twisted terrors of the forest, the Skelebunnies, as well as a cast characters as bizarre and unforgettable as the imagination of Tommy Kovac himself.

Skelebunnies Spanktacular (Offered Again)

Tommy Kovac

$2.95 60% 24 Quebecor Slave Labor

This book collects the original Skelebunnies 4-page stories from Stich 1-4 that sent his readers clamoring for more. Find out why the bunnies are loved and reviled across America in this book, which includes 8 all-new pages, featuring a new Skelebunnies story, guest pin-ups, and more!

Charm School #5: Vampire Dragster Dean

Elizabeth Watasin

$2.95 60% 24 Quebecor Slave Labor

Who's that knocking at Bunny's window? It's a dreamy night of serenades, by one sexy faerie, and heartfelt entreaties, by one contrite vampire. Dean tries to make up with her witch girlfriend, Bunny, but Fairer Than, the dark faerie, decides it's her chance to make a move and woo Dean's girl. Who's going to win -- or break -- Bunny's heart in this round? The battle for Bunny's love continues in "Hotroddin' to Hell and Back!"

GloomCookie #13

Serena Valentino & John Gebbia

$2.95 60% 24 Quebecor Slave Labor

Part 2 of "Breaking the Curse": after a falling out with Damion, Isabella reluctantly goes back to the Carnival Macabre to find that her old friend Artemus has also returned - but not under the circumstances that she would have hoped. Outraged at his treatment by the family Macabre, Isabella searches for some answers while rekindling her relationship with this mysterious creature. And somehow Damion and Lex may be closer than ever to breaking the curse that Isabella set upon them so many years ago.

GloomCookie TPB (New Printing)

Serena Valentino & Ted Naifeh

$18.95 60% 240 Quebecor Slave Labor

Collecting GloomCookie issues 1-6, plus Ted Naifeh's sketches, Lex's dictionary, and more extras from this popular gothic soap opera.

Monsters in My Tummy (New Printing)

Roman Dirge

$5.95 60% 48 Quebecor Slave Labor Lenore creator Roman Dirge's classic exploration of his own inner turmoil over a broken heart, featuring a cast of creatures including Betrayal, the inspiration for the new figurine from Monkey Fun toys.

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac Poster #3 (New Printing)

Jhonen Vasquez

$9.95 60% n/a Quebecor Slave Labor This 24 x 36² poster features the painting from the cover of Johnny #4.

I Feel Sick #2 (Offered Again)

Jhonen Vasquez

$3.95 60% 32 Quebecor Slave Labor

Dork #5 (New Printing)

Evan Dorkin

$2.95 60% 24 Quebecor Slave Labor

Something at the Window is Scratching (Offered Again)

Roman Dirge

$9.95 60% 120 Quebecor Slave Labor

Lenore creator Roman's Dirge's collection of ³children's tales for disturbed children², filled with his haunting and amusing imagery in classic storybook style.

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