Slave Labor Graphics Hosts Halloween Party

Official Press Release

Every Halloween, a group of mischievous spirits take over the warehouse of San Jose, California comic book publisher SLG Publishing warehouse and make a mess of things. They drag an entire haunted house into our office, and zombies, witches and skeletons have their run of the place, reading comics, eating our food and rearranging all of the furniture.

This year, the public is invited to witness the spectacle of the SLG WAREHOUSE OF HORROR as we open our doors to the public and make a grand party out of things. In addition to the spooks and haunts, our lobby gallery will have new art on the wall for you to gander at, including some original art by Roman Dirge and the original page of Jhonen Vasquez's very first Filler Bunny strip. Creators in attendance include Mike Moss, artist of SLG's Haunted Mansion comic book and series editor and writer Dan Vado.

The SLG Warehouse of Horror will take place in the massive SLG Office/Warehouse Megaplex located at 577 S. Market Street, San Jose, CA 95159. The Haunting takes place from 6-9 PM and is FREE! Email dan@slavelabor.com for additional information, or give us a call at 408 971-8929.

What's that? You live in Pigeonpoop, Nevada and are too far away to come visit? The you can still be a part of the big fun by ordering a special Warehouse of Horror T-shirt. That way, we can feel the love and you can feel special. The T-shirts are available at SLG's webstore, http://store.slavelabor.com.

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